Fly-Agaric Mushrooms

Fly-agaric mushrooms are poisonous; on account of this truth you have to use them with warning. I’d advise you to get used to the mushrooms steadily. The dose and treatment course involving fly-agarics is probably explicit individual relying upon the peculiarities of each organism. Consequently, you have to be all ears to your self. However, sooner than performing any therapeutic course of you have to communicate to a doctor.

Bigger celandine or fly-agarics extracts in a vodka reply have been used as good cures to cope with tumor, myoma and mastopathy since historic events. However, you have to use these cures with warning attributable to the reality that they’re poisonous.


  1. Purchase caps of fly-agarics and clear them, nonetheless don’t wash. In the reduction of them to small objects and put in a bottle. Pour vodka over them to cowl mushrooms totally and cover it up. Earth the bottle for 12 days. The tincture is supposed for every exterior and inside use. Rub the affected areas with the tincture or take few drops it per day.
  2. Purchase caps of newest fly-agarics, and dry them in a windy and shady place. Infuse 5-6 caps with zero.7 liters of vodka and go away the tincture to brew for a month in a darkish place at a room temperature. Take a teaspoon of the tincture twice a day – throughout the morning and evening till the bottle is empty. On the very beginning of the treatment course you have to take solely few drops of the tincture by rising the amount you consumption steadily. It’s finest to hold out the method yearly.
  3. Mix equal parts of fly-agarics juice and vodka to get the tincture. Take a drop of the tincture twice a day – throughout the morning and evening on the first day. On the second day you have to take 2 drops of the tincture twice a day – throughout the morning and evening. On the third day repeat the method, nonetheless improve the amount of the tincture you consumption to a few drops. Proceed rising the amount of the tincture you eat till the second 25 drops are taken. Then you have to reduce the amount of consumed tincture within the equivalent sequence. Perform the course of treatment 2-Three events a 12 months. Mix the tincture with water and use for compresses.
  4. Infuse Three-4 fly-agarics with 2-Three liters of boiling water. Depart the mixture till it turns into chilly. Use it for compresses or wash the unhealthy areas with it when dealing with gout.


When performing any course of involving amanita muscaria, you have to placed on rubber gloves. Afterwards, consider to scrub your fingers completely. Do you have to need to shield fly-agarics juice, you have to observe the subsequent proportion – 500 grams of juice and 200 grams of vodka.

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