Critical Boxing Combinations

Boxing combos, or punching combos, are the logical extension of boxing punches. When studying learn how to field, แทงมวยออนไลน์ combos function necessary constructing blocks for understanding the interactions between two opponents. Sure punches or actions generate sure reactions from opponents, which in flip lend themselves to sure kinds of follow-ups or responses from you.

Goal of Boxing Mixtures

Boxing combos are designed to maximise the vulnerabilities opened by patterns of punches, and to make use of your personal weight and stability from one punch to generate energy for subsequent punches.

Shifting Weight in Mixtures

A main ingredient in forming boxing combos is your weight switch. As mentioned within the fundamentals of boxing punches, many punches contain a switch of weight from left to proper, and a twist of the hips and higher physique.

As a substitute of resuming our guard after twisting proper, we are able to alternatively use that weight on the suitable to feed a brand new twist to the left. For instance, you throw a left hook, which transfers weight from left to proper, adopted by a proper hook, which then takes that weight on the suitable and transfers it again to the left.

Primary boxing Mixtures

The next are some primary boxing combos. These combos are defined for orthodox (right-handed) fighters. In case you are a southpaw (left-handed) fighter, the motions are reversed (a 3 turns into a proper hook not a left hook).

1-2 (Jab-Cross)

The previous 1-2 is the staple boxing mixture and is commonly used as a part of bigger extra complicated combos. It’s each quick, and could be highly effective.

When throwing a 1-2, your cross ought to lengthen on the identical time that your jab is recoiling. Ensure that when a hand is not prolonged it must be guarding your head.

1-2-Three (Jab-Cross-Left hook)

Observe the 1-2 with a left hook and you’ve got a 1-2-Three. Usually an opponent may be occupied or sluggish in reacting to your cross, which leaves the aspect of their face extensive open for a hook.

On the finish of your cross, your hips and shoulders ought to have twisted to convey your again shoulder ahead. Use this place as the start weight-transfer to your hook. Along with your physique already pivoted, increase your entrance elbow and throw your hook as your again hand recoils from the cross.

2-Three-2 (Cross-Left hook-Cross)

This combos closely depends on weight switch.

Like within the 1-2-Three, you throw a hook utilizing the already pivoted place that resulted from a cross. However this time, as your cross twists your physique and switch weight to the suitable, you utilize that time because the beginning place for an additional cross.

Visualize your proper shoulder coming ahead with a cross, the left hook rotating your proper shoulder again into it is authentic place, prepared for it to return as soon as extra with one other cross. Numerous energy is generated from the hips on this mixture.

Three-2-Three (Left hook-Cross-Left hook)

That is precisely just like the 2-Three-2 however with hooks at the beginning and finish.

Throw a hook, which pulls your proper shoulder again because of the hips/shoulder twist, then rotate with a strong cross which places you proper again in place to throw one other left hook.

Three-6-Three (Left hook-Proper uppercut-Left hook)

The three-6-Three catches many opponents off guard as a result of they may be anticipating a Three-2-2 and since the punches come from each excessive and low.

Throw a left hook, after which when your weight is in your proper/again shoulder dip your waist to the suitable, increase your again heel, and throw a proper uppercut. The uppercut ought to leaves shoulders open – in good place to return one other left hook.

Mixing It Up

Primary combos could be modified and tweaked in some ways. Listed here are a number of methods you can get extra out of those combos:


  • Since you do not usually wish to lead with a cross, throw a jab previous to a 2-Three-2. This makes 1-2-Three-2.
  • Throw a variable variety of jabs earlier than or after a mix. This makes a 1-2 right into a 1-1-2 or a 1-2-1-1
  • Throw a jab earlier than a left hook to catch an opponent off guard with two left handed punches.
  • Combine up excessive and low punches. Strive Three-6-Three the place the primary hook is low and the second is excessive, or reversed.
  • Mix combos. An instance is 1-2-Three-2 or 1-2-Three-6-Three or 1-2-1-2


Practising Your Mixtures

Apply your combos in entrance of a mirror! This can allow you to watch the subtleties of your weight switch and mechanics. If one thing appears to be like awkward, than you might be in all probability doing it mistaken.

As soon as you might be snug with combos, apply on a heavy bag, or with a associate utilizing focus mitts. A associate can “name out” combos so that you can throw.


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